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I'm called Dorothy Asaabea Gyekye, I live within a town called Labadi but I was born in Adeiso in the Eastern Region. My father is a security man and my mother is a petty trader.  She sells within the house we live in at Labadi. I have a twin sister and three other siblings making us five in number.

I completed Senior High School in the year 2016 and since our financial state was very poor, I and my twin sister had to get a job to sustain us and the family as well.  We have been working for a couple of years but within us we wish to further our education so we were laying our challenges before a friend for several times and one lucky day he told us he knows a man who is part of a foundation that seek to help needy in any aspect of their lives  We told our friend to talk to Mr. Ishmael Odamtten for us, and he agreed.  

We seemed happy but was left with a little doubt because such things are rare to come by. Our friend came back with a feedback that he has spoken to Mr. Odamtten. We later got in contact with Mr. Odamtten and he said he will help me. God being faithful through Ishi Odamtten Foundation I am in level 200 in the Accra Technical University and I'm so glad  because nobody in my family has gotten to that level of education and with this I trust that indeed everyone has got a divine help and Mr. Odamtten is a real definition of a divine helper .

On behalf of my family I say a big thank you to Ishi Odamtten Foundation and may God bless all the team members .  Thumbs Up

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