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Our main long-term goal to help the underprivileged children of Ghana is to build an orphanage. To that end, in June of 2015, our foundation purchased plots of land in Ayikumah-Ghana for the building of our “City Of Hope” orphanage which will be able to provide housing, food, clothing, education and healthcare for up to 100 children. In addition to the orphanage itself we also plan to build a schoolhouse and a small medical clinic all designed to give children a safe place where they can envision a hopeful future. 


Our orphanage building team broke ground on September 11, 2016 constructing a border wall around the property. Since then, our efforts have been to raise funds to continue the project and we are pleased to announce we will be able to break ground on the main building in 2024.



As funding and volunteers permit, we have organized medical care clinics to provide physicals, treat minor injuries, screen for various diseases, such as malaria, hepatitis and cholera, obtain basic medications, and have occasionally been able to also provide eye care where patients can get an eye exam and access to free eye drops, ointments, and reading glasses. Participants are also educated on the importance of exercise and disease prevention. 


In addition to addressing medical issues, we have also instituted a food bank program designed to ease the food problems faced by the elderly and children in the communities we serve. Most of the children that come for treatment are taken care of by single parents who do not have stable jobs. We realized that most of the elderly and children in the poor communities do not have access to good nutrition, making the medications given to treat their disease less effective. We aim to provide them with non-perishable food items including canned milk, canned vegetables, canned fish and meat, rice, maize, oats, sugar and oil.


Our first medical care event took place on July 5, 2015 and screened ~400 patients in La- Accra. Since then, we have run 20 clinics around the country with equal or higher participation per event. Please see our Events page for the full list.



One of the biggest obstacles to emerging from poverty is education. Ghana does not have a public school system so all schooling is tuition based. This makes even basic education out of reach for large numbers of orphaned and underprivileged children. To that end, in 2016, we established our “Back to School Bash” where we initially chose ten school-aged, poverty-stricken children to receive academic scholarships.  The money is used for tuition, uniforms, textbooks, and other school supplies. The goal is to support children to complete secondary education, and then assist those students in seeking scholarships to universities worldwide.

Currently, we are providing tuition and school supplies for 500 orphans and needy children from kindergarten through university level. A complete list of these events can be founds here.


We also realize that not all youth are suited to the academic world and have created a youth empowerment program which seeks to place students in technical and vocational programs, thereby lowering the unemployment rate in such underprivileged communities.

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