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My name is Reuben Mensah Kwei, born in Teshie a town in the Greater Accra region. My father was a driver. I am the sixth born of my father and the third born of my mother.

I lost my father January 2013, when I was in primary class five. My mother took care of me all by herself. Living with my mother was very challenging. There are days I go to school empty stomach. When school closes, I have a little hope since she sells kenkey behind our family house.

After completing Senior High School, I got people who promised to pay my university fees. One of them got a mild stroke and the rest I didn't hear from them again. This pushed me to look for a job to support my mother. I organized extra classes for the pupils at my family house, but their parents weren't paying as they ought to. I later joined a loan business which helped me earn some money to support my mother.

I never thought of going to the university until one Aunty called me and spoke to me to apply to the University and The Ishi Odamtten Foundation Scholarship Program. I thought it will be like one of the old stories. Anyways, I applied and got admission in the University. She then introduced me to Mr. Ishmael Odamtten. He spoke to me through a WhatsApp call and he was willing to pay my fees. I was astonished. Somebody who has not seen me before. He speaks to me like father talks to his son. I am highly grateful. I am now in Koforidua Technical University offering Biomedical Engineering.

I want to use this opportunity to thank Mr. Ishmael Odamtten for this great opportunity and I pray that the foundation will continue to grow, and support people like me.

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