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The Ishi Odamtten Foundation was originated to address a long existing need for basic human necessities in the underserved, poor regions of Ghana. Its primary mission is to provide access to education, housing and health care. In mid-2015 the Odamttens, with private financial support, finalized the purchase of a plot of land in Accra with the ultimate goal of building an orphanage. It was during this time the Odamttens also organized a group of medical professionals to offer free medical screening for the residents of three towns in the greater Accra region. Over 400 women and children participated in this event reinforcing the great need for this type of service. The Foundation, consisting of members Ishmael and Rosamond Odamtten, George Van Atta and Jeff Landgraf was therefore created and in March 2016 received final approval as a registered U.S. non-profit public charity. The Foundation, in addition to building up resources in Ghana, also aspires to extend its reach to underprivileged regions in Honduras, Malawi, Zambia, Peru, Brazil and Nepal.

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