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We need your financial support to be able to help those in need in very poor remote areas all over the world. Every charitable donation you give, will give hope to communities with no hope. We will ensure that every donation made towards our cause will reach the people in the communities that needs it the most. Whatever you donate is tax deductibe and will positively impact lives. 


We are also in need of school supplies for our academic improvement program. Our children need pencils, pens, note books, crayons, erasers, math sets, and story books.

Medical supplies, equipment and over the counter medications donations will also be of a great support for our medical clinic. We need medical equipment like otoscopes, stethoscopes, thermometers, glucometers, oximeters and blood pressure monitors. We also need glucose test strips, bandages, disposable gloves, alcohol swabs, clinical lab coats, malaria, hepatitis and glucose test kits.  Over the counter medications like multivitamins, antibiotics, anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal and anti-insecticidal creams are some of the basic medicines we need for our free clinics.

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